ETL Consulting ETL Consulting

“MAAB INNOVATION” has a rich experience in offering ETL Consulting related to Data Extraction, Transformation & Load services by using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). Our ability to extract financial data from various sources and transforming it into meaningful information is essential to ensure competitiveness and helping Business Intelligence User to analyze the past and lay the foundation for the future for risk, regulatory and management reporting. Our highly experienced ETL Development team has been involved in many package development assignments specific to Mini Data Mart for Financial applications. Our Data Transformation Services comprises of variety of tasks such as, Extraction of Data, Data Cleansing and Standardization, Data Transformation, Merging data from multiple sources, Data Validation and Data Mart Population. It also includes reconciliation, automation of execution, back up activities and many more.

Report Development Report Development

Our clients are always looking for customized analytical reports to be better informed about their current position, progress and performance. Tools which we use for reporting purposes (SSRS, Power BI, Tableau, Oracle BI) are one of the best reporting tools due to their flexibility and analytical capabilities. The data can be presented in almost any format – form a simple summary table to a complex graph. They also support sub-reports, graphing, and wide range of formatting options. Our experts can create custom reports for you that can include any combination of the following:


-Can be integrated into your web application or Windows application;

-Writing DAX and MDX queries to provide formulas for complex manipulations of data, summaries and running totals;

-Access to sensitive reports can be restricted to authorized users only (RLS and PLS);

-Graphs and Charts;

-Cross table Summaries;

-Grouped Data;

-Sub reports;

-Countless customized features that can dramatically improve mission critical information.

Project Management Project Management

We have a specialized team of project managers trained in innovative processes, skills, tools and best practices. Our project managers help clients in overseeing and managing the project life-cycle in a controlled and systematic manner to ensure the timely and quality delivery. We believe that for successful project implementation, critical factors are careful planning, time-tested processes and active management. Our project managers are equipped with business domain, project management and technology skills to ensure quality and timely delivery. For development and implementations of any kind of applications, we use the structured methodology and processes, which ensures predictable results. We start with preparing detailed project plans outlining policies and procedures for allied functions of configuration management and quality assurance. A structured methodology is an important assurance to guarantee a successful project. Our structured methodology covers end to end management of entire stages, which is broadly categorized into Planning & Definition Phase, Execution Phase & Deployment Phase with no compromise on quality assurance. We have many years of experience in integrating business systems for a variety of Organizations and Institutions. We can work with existing system interfaces where they exist or develop integration solutions from scratch using some of the latest tools and technologies.