About us

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“MAAB INNOVATION” was founded by a team of professionals with strong business and technology expertise. We are a Tashkent based IT Organization, providing complete tailored software development services for different industry organizations and institutions. We utilize state-of-the-art tools and technologies and best-of-the-breed processes and methodologies to ensure quality delivery. Our present activities comprise of System Integration, ETL Development, Project management and IT enabled services. We provide technical expertise for tailored application development to meet the customer specific requirements, which may not be offered by off the shelf products available in the market. Our services include consultancy, software development, system integration, support and customization, and the design and implementation of various software solutions.

Why Choose Us?

  • We plan our work in a way to deliver the specified scope on time and are capable of working with tight schedules.
  • We minimize management efforts on the customer’s side while providing a high level of transparency over the development process and proactive risk management.
  • Our customers have constant access to our task-tracking systems, such as Jira, and a knowledge base where we document all project-related work.
  • We regularly measure project health with KPIs to ensure the project’s progress and adjust the development process if needed

Our Strengths

By having a team that is spread across time zones, with a technology that allows us to work flexibly, we can help you to make your company more responsive and agile, which will not only enhance your reputation for good service but could also allow you to capitalize on opportunities much quicker.
Our experienced business intelligence team come from a diverse range of industries. Our combined knowledge can guide you through your data evolution in your specific industry. The value of our solutions, across many industries, will help you to achieve your business goals faster and more cost-effectively
It’s important that you seek advice from the right subject matter experts. “MAAB INNOVATION” consultants have the experience and the ability to process, analyze, and articulate solutions to your problems. They are credible, personable and genuinely passionate about your business intelligence needs.